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Learn a New Skill or Hobby

If you always do what you’ve always done,

you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

This is not perfect English, but it holds true nonetheless. It is my belief that you should never get in a rut in your life. Ruts can become deep over time, and the deeper the rut you are in, the harder it is to escape. How can you avoid getting in a rut? Why don’t you try to learn something new, or take up a new hobby?

I took up photography about 20 years ago, and switched to digital in 2005. This may sound like I am in a rut, but it is not the case. Although photography has been the common theme over the past 20 years, I have been getting in deeper and learning new techniques almost nonstop since I have taken up the hobby. The first few years were fairly dull. I had a point and shoot 110 film camera and didn’t do much other than point……and…….shoot. Once I mastered (and I use the term rather loosely) that, I wanted to learn more. I bought a film SLR and experimented with manual exposure and aperture settings. I had taken classes on composition and film development. I was growing my knowledge of the hobby.

In 2005 I switched to digital and bought my first DSLR. I had previously become very familiar with composition, exposure, and aperture, but now I could expand on that. I now had the ability to adjust color temperature and ISO on a frame by frame basis. Then came post processing…. I had started to edit my photos in Photoshop! This hobby is ever changing, and there are new techniques that are developed almost daily!

This is just a personal example I wanted to share with you. There are many other hobbies that can become very interesting, and not grow stagnant over time.

New skills are important too! Whether it be work related, or a marketable skill that you can sell and use to enhance a résumé, I highly recommend branching out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Versatility and adaptability are two very important components of success, and are easy to get started on. Successful people are ahead of the curve when it comes to competing for a new position, attracting new customers, or just staying up on technology.

When you stop learning, you stop growing. Find something you like, or take a chance on something totally new. I guarantee it will keep you sharp and possibly change your life!


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