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Words are very powerful. What one says and how one says it is often what permanently sets a first impressions in someone’s mind. People don’t often realize that they are being judged and evaluated on the words that flow from their lips.  Proper use of your vocabulary is crucial in making a good impression.

Foul language is a big no-no when you are trying to make good impression and it has no place in the workplace. It is possible you will offend someone who is within earshot of your voice, and you don’t always know who is around you. Believe me, the people will be more impressed with your communication skills than they will be with your colorful language.

Offensive and prejudicial statements are also prohibited if you want to achieve success. Considering the diverse society we live in, disparaging comments of any type could bring catastrophic results. Political correctness is of utmost importance when trying to make a good impression. You often don’t know the religious, or political views of those you are speaking to. You also do not know their sexual orientation, or racial makeup of their family tree.  Think things through before you open your mouth.

Don’t talk over your own head, and speak within your comfort level  You don’t always need to be a master of our language to be an effective communicator.  Trying to insert a big fancy new word into your conversation can be disastrous if you don’t use it correctly.

Success, as I have said before, is often dependent on the help you get from others, and if you don’t win them over with that first impression, you may not get another chance.


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