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Just Try

“That’ll never work…” “I can’t make that happen…” I hear it every day.  People conceding defeat before they even attempt to tackle the problem, or perceived problem.  More often than not, by the end of the day the problem has been tackled and solved. I think it is truly amazing what a person can achieve if they actually try.  Meeting a challenge head on and giving every effort to do the best you possibly can is what drives progress. What if Ben Franklin never tried to harness electricity? What if Thomas Edison didn’t think a light bulb would ever work?  How would we have made the progress we have over the last 200 years? Some people are persistently pessimistic.  Pessimism is very contagious. When one person makes a negative comment about their ability to meet a goal, the guy right next to him almost automatically has to one-up him.  “You think you’ve got it bad, listen to this…” Peer pressure seems to prohibit someone from even trying at all.  Many people are afraid to put forth additional effort in front of their peers for fear that they will be seen as someone who is warming up to management. I look at it as a challenge to see how well I can do.  I try to outperform and beat expectations by management.  Each of us has an ability deep down inside to adapt to any situation and achieve success.  It allows us to use critical thinking to solve any problem we may encounter. Next time a difficult situation presents itself and before you throw up your arms in defeat….just try.


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